Sunday, July 18, 2010

Driving to Brunei

Have you been to Brunei (Kuala Belait) before? If you are planning to drive there, please remember to bring the following items with you:
1)      Brunei/Singapore Dollar
2)      Passport
3)      Green card (car  registration document)

Follow the road sign to Sungai Tujuh checkpoint (Miri) and you will have to pay the toll at Malaysia and Brunei side. 
Toll charges:
1)      RM10 (one way)

2)      Brunei  Dollar $3 or Singapore Dollar $3 (one way)

Brunei's toll receipt

 Malaysia's toll receipt

Of course, you have to go through customs check upon request, fill up the Temporary Admission Form (Free of charge) and show your car’s registration document (green card, photo copies will do).

Try to avoid driving to Brunei during weekend & government pay day if you dislike waiting in the long queue.  We went there during weekday, so it was very convenient, fast & comfortable. The custom officers from both countries are very friendly and nice. One of the officer from the Brunei booth found out that our trip is mainly for the Japanese food, he claimed that “Mirian kuat makan sushi.” (Mirians eat a lot of sushi.) We were laughing and chatting while he went through our passport and gave us the official stamps. (No car behind, you can imagine how relax the trip was.)

Maybe the journey was too smooth (no car ahead or behind us), we missed out the Brunei immigration checkpoint on our way back.

Princess is showing her passport with
the Brunei immigration stamp.

Please be aware that there are two checkpoints (custom & immigration) at each country. We make a mistake by assuming there is only one and the rest are the same. So we drove through the 2nd checkpoint (Immigration) after the 1st checkpoint (custom) without stopping.

The Malaysian immigration officer found out that our passports were all without the green stamps (showing that we came out from Brunei). Luckily we were able to make a U-turn, went back and redo again. Throughout the whole process (explaining the situations to many officers here and there) we were pleased to experience that the officers are helpful and friendly.  Due to our mistake, we have to spend extra half an hour to ‘visit Brunei’ for the second time on the same day.  

However, it was a wonderful trip. Wish to visit there again.Want to join me?!


  1. So cute to see Claryssa holding her passport!
    So now she is free to travel everywhere?
    Does she behave herself in the car?

  2. Yes. She behaved very well in her queen's seat for the entire trip. However, she gave us a 'bomb' before we got down from the car to the restaurant. Hahahaha!


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