Friday, April 30, 2010


28 April 2010 

Full time mothers has no leave, even when they are sick.  I hate to take medicine. However, due to fever, discomfort + afraid to spread to my princess, I did swallow them like any obedient patients. 
This is the only type of Panadol I can swallow as 
it wouldn't stick on the tongue nor throat unless I use warm water.

How I wish hubby can take half day leave or come home earlier from work to help me today. I feel so weak and my whole body is aching. Sore throat makes me can't chat and play with princess as usual, that makes her cranky. In the end, I have to put her into the electrical cradle which we didn't use for 2 months already. 

Finally she is asleep. I think it's my time to rest too. Hope to get well soon as I still have an Innertalk roadshow at the shopping mall this weekend.


29 April 2010

Last night my hubby did come home earlier than before (around 8pm) to help me. I was shivering in my comforter with my thick jacket on. Air-conditioner and fan were off and yet I still felt very very cold. My body temperature was 39C, I think it was still ok.

My hubby helped me to get long trousers and thick socks to keep me warm. Then I ate another paracetamol before I lied down to rest. Glad that he helped me to bathe our princess and even took care of the cranky princess for the whole night. This allowed me to take a good rest. Felt much better after that.

This morning, he took leave too. I was still weak with body aching but no more high fever. Still sweating a lot like last night (strong air-conditioner couldn't stop my shirt getting soaky wet by the sweat). Wonder whether was the medicine that took effect? 

Only helped to feed the baby then felt too weak to do anything else. Continued to sleep through the whole morning after I took the paracetamol. (My hubby said that I can sleep longer than the baby, hehe.)

I still have 1 more day to get well. Then no matter sick or healthy, I have to work in the weekend for the Innertalk booth. 

To think positively-"I am strong. I am healthy. I am happy. I feel good. I am well. I am fit. I have strong immune system...."

In the evening, we all went out for grocery shopping. My hubby insisted that I should go. Convinced me by saying that I can walk slowly in the mall. (I'm always the one who decides what to buy and what to cook so I can't escape this task.) I was still groggy and nearly fell down a few times at the shopping mall. Pretty embarrassing as I walked like a drunken woman. Anyway,  glad that we had bought enough food for these few days and I was ok.

Checked my Innertalk CD stocks till late night. Progress was a bit slow due to unfit body and slow working brain. Glad that everything was done and able to sleep around 2am.

Anyway, I strongly believe that tomorrow will be better than today!

30 April 2010

Didn't sleep well last night due to bad sore throat. Having difficulty in swallowing my own saliva as the pain is really unbearable. 

Hubby is back to work today after knowing that I'm well enough to look after the baby (not as weak as yesterday). I'm glad that my recovery is pretty fast, only left with bad sore throat. I believe I just need to take more Strepsils, drink more water, talk less and I will have no problem for the job tomorrow. 

Something to take for soothing the throat.

Tonight my guest from KL will arrive. Have to make sure the guest room is ready and the dinner is yummy. Will have to get final preparation for the booth tomorrow too. Thank God that I feel so much better now. Hopefully tomorrow I have the strength and voice to talk for the whole day.


I'm so grateful that my hubby is supportive and understanding. He is able to assist me (to look after the baby), to take care of me (make sure I get better), and to support me (support in what I want to do for my business). Without him, I bet I wouldn't be able to complete any task nowadays.

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