Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loreal Paris - White Perfect Deep Whitening Mask

Loreal Paris (Dermo-Expertise) White Perfect Deep Whitening Mask with triple Melanin-block concentration + Vitamin C + BHA. 

Perfect whitening requires intensive action, both in surface and deeper inside the epidermis. For more visible action and a perfectly fair, radiant and even skin, discover the latest innovation from L'Oreal Skincare Laboratories: White Perfect Deep Whitening Mask, the first whitening mask with triple Melanin-block concentration and Vitamin C for a perfect fair, transparent and radiant skin.

Concentrated Technology:
The best of Loreal whitening technology for an intensive care on skin fairness, radiance and transparency:
-exfoliating micro-beads + BHA: gentle exfoliation o dark dead cells responsible for skin dullness.

-triple Melanin-block concentration: each mask dose contains the same quality of Melanin-block as one tube of White Perfect spot corrector for an intensive care on melanin production, responsible for skin darkening.

-Vitamin C: to help boosting skin radiance and energy.

Instant Results:
- After one application, your skin is perfectly hydrated, like replenished from inside.

- It feels supple, elastic, and looks bouncy, fresh and radiant.

- Gently refined, skin looks smoother, skin tone is fairer, more even and more transparent, revealing your skin natural glow.

Cumulative Action:
You can use 1 dose each week for long-lasting and progressive care, or 5 days in a row for an intensive whitening programme.

Selling Price: RM85  Promotion: RM40 (while stock last)
(Free postage within Malaysia)

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  1. hav u try oledi Felicia? i tried many types of mask but it seems like no one is suitable for me...

  2. Yes. I have tried it. Can see the whitening effect very fast after I washed off the mask. The face gets very smooth, just like after finished facial treatment at the facial saloon. :)
    However, the white mask for one tube is too much for one time usage. Good to do the mask with your husband also. Haha.

  3. This mask is perfect for skin whitening. It contains effective ingredients such as Aqua, Glycerin, and Squalane. Apply this mask for 10-15 mins only and gently massage it after. For wrinkles and fine lines, you can also use Loreal eye creams.

  4. Hi. Do you know where can i buy it online?



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