Friday, August 13, 2010

Negotiator in her towel

 Mummy wants me to smile to the camera. 
I told her that costs her 10 pieces of chocolate. 

 Mummy said "ok, just smile to the camera first, talk about chocolate later."
I'm not silly, mum. 10 pieces of chocolate, yes or no?

 Mummy said, "2 pieces."
Nah! I want at least 8 pieces.

 "3 pieces?"
Nope. Not interested!

"5 pieces or go to take bath now!" 
Hmmm....5 pieces sounds better than nothing.

 Alright, alright! 5 pieces will do. 

 Yay!! Big Smile for my chocolate!
However, mummy said, "Will keep the chocolate for you. 
Wait till you have minimum 4 teeth first."
So far I only have 2. Sigh. 

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