Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Banks in Miri - CIMB Bank

Most of my customers from west Malaysia prefer either CIMB or MBB. So after I had opened an account with MBB, I went to one of the CIMB branch in Miri (near Mega Hotel). 

The bank was full of people. When I was thinking to get the queuing ticket, a friendly customer service officer came to me. After she found out I was planning to open an account, she told me there were 10 persons ahead of me, asked me whether I was willing to wait. I told her to find out other branches, checked whether they have the same situation. After she make several calls, she told me it was Monday, all the branches were as busy and having many customers as current branch. 

Without wasting more time, I thanked the lady with her kind gesture and got myself into the queue. The bank was full of customers till there were not enough seats. We have to stand aside to wait for our turn. It seems like this bank is doing pretty well today.

So glad that I have my iPhone with me where I can online to reply mails, play games to kill time. I was only able to get a seat for myself after half an hour time. After 2 hours of waiting, finally it was my turn. Surprisingly to meet another female officer who was gentle, patient and friendly. She explained and introduced me the saving account according to my needs. The frustration in the long queue just disappeared when I see how nice the bank officer dealed with me.

Unlike other banks, there was no form to fill in CIMB. Everything is computerized. Just let the bank officer to scan the IC, and verify through thumb print, all the record just came out. Very efficient!

I needn’t queue up to bank in to open the account. Just activate and bank in through the ATM machine.
Overall, I am pretty impressed with the service there! I am glad that I have found a good customer oriented bank in Miri. 

p/s: Activated my e-banking pin through the ATM. Should be able to use my e-banking on the same day when I got home but failed. Called up the helpline and found out that my IC was key in wrongly and they need another 2-3 working days to ‘fix it’. Hmm….and I was not informed that RM8 was charged, the amount just automatically being deducted from my bank account. Hmm….

Compare with MBB, I was able to access my e-banking account immediately. I was informed with the RM8 charge when I make the payment too. 

It seems like both banks have their pros & cons though. 

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