Saturday, August 14, 2010

Banks in Miri - AmBank

I am one of the loyal customer for AmBank. I love the fast service and friendly staff in Kuching. So far the branches I had visited at Stutong, Satok and Abell road were very efficient and nice. Too bad in Miri, the service are totally different.

My first visit toAmBank, Miri was to open up a saving account. Waited for very long because there was only one female officer who can do the job. And it happened to have many customers waiting for her. Whereas other officers are quite free, doing their own things without helping. This female officer did ask for help from other officers, their responses were, they were busy too, have their own work to be done.

The process was slow. The photocopy machine broke down make it worse.T_T

My second visit to AmBank, Miri was to pay my road tax. Normally in Kuching, just need to go to the teller, let them know the car plate no, pay the amount will do. However, in Miri, we have to go to the 1st floor office as they have different 'department' for road tax, car loan etc. That office only has 1 male officer handling all the road tax renewal, application etc tasks. The queue was long and I wonder why there was only 1 person to handle?

Waited for quite long till I found something went wrong as many people just left without processing anything. I went to the counter and the officer told me that the computer system was down, couldn't do anything, so either try my luck for a long wait or come back some other time.

It was not easy for me to get my hubby to bring me to the bank. I was pretty disappointed with their services but I have no choice. The officer wrote down my handphone no, told me that he will call me up for the total amount of payment when the system is back to normal. (After 1 week, I went back to him again. He told me he was too busy that he forgot to call me up.)

My third visit to the same branch was to settle my road tax again. This time the queue was not as long as before. The silly part is, after enquired, printed out the statement, I have to go downstairs (ground floor) and pay at the teller counter. And after I make the payment, I have to go back to 1st floor office to pass the receipt to the officer before I leave the bank. Seems like they couldn't pass the document internally?

I was lucky to be able to make payment on that day as during the process, all the bank officers were complaining that the computer system was down again. The whole bank just couldn't do anything but announced that the system was down. Not sure how unstable their system but this bank really make me feel regreted to open up an account with them.


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