Monday, August 9, 2010

Lunch & Dinner in KK

We had our lunch at the Italian restaurant, Magellan Sutera. It was hi-tea hour and we were so glad that this restaurant was still open for business.

The vegetarian pizza we ordered was quite nice. The dough was crispy and the slices of eggplant as pizza topping was very appetizing.

As for the creamy pasta I ordered, the wild mushrooms were yummy, but the dish was too cheesy and the spinach didn't really blend well in it. Make me unable to finish the entire dish. Wasted.

The Fresh Strawberry Milkshake was not as sweet as those I had tried before. Normally strawberry ice-cream is added for the strawberry taste but this restaurant blended fresh strawberry in it. Nice!~

My hubby ordered Mango Juice. It was nice, as usual. We did enjoy our lunch there whereas our princess was sleeping soundly in her pram.

The restaurant is located at the poolside. We saw one Korean boy jumped into the 1.2 meter pool and hurt his forehead. No bleeding but he did cry for quite some time. Poor thing.

For dinner, our local friends brought us out to have a wonderful vegetarian Indian cuisine at Spice Garden. The dishes were unique and very delicious. There are many choices, even for lassi (yogurt drink), they have strawberry lassi, chocolate lassi etc. Our friend told us that this restaurant is always pack with customers for lunch hour everyday, however, dinner time will have less people.

Wish to visit that place again. Those who loves Indian cuisine, this is the place you shouldn't missed! (This restaurant caters for vegetarian and non-vegetarian with great varieties though.)

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