Friday, August 20, 2010

Banks in Miri - Public Bank

It seems like Public Bank is quite popular in Miri. They have branches near to each other. I can see that their business are very good because the bank is always pack with customers.

My hubby and I went to the bank to settle our account (transferred the account from Kuching to Miri branch). It is very funny that the whole Malaysia banking system are not link, even with their own bank, they are restricted in many ways. So in order to settle banking matter in Miri, we have to transfer the account without having other choices.

The bank officers there are quite efficient. They even walked to the customers who were in the queue to check on their request. We managed to 'cut the queue' after they found out our application can be handled first (maybe pity us that we have to carry our princess while standing, waiting in the queue--not enough seats).

The bank officers are friendly and informative too. Although the office building looks old, the officers are well trained! Bravo!

 My princess observed the bank officer before.... 

....she attacked.

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