Monday, August 2, 2010

Banks in Miri - Maybank

Previously I only have accounts with EON bank and AmBank. Due to my customers demand, finally I decided to open a bank account with Maybank- one of the common banks in Malaysia.

There are several Maybank branches in Miri and I went to the one which is near Survey Supermarket.

To be honest, the first impression that I have was ruined by the plus size female officer who was sitting at the counter next to the main entrance. She was not in a good mood and the service from her was disappointing. She couldn’t even give us an advice or tell us the differences of the types of accounts provided by Maybank.
Imagine the queuing ticket machine is next to the lady. Customers have to go through her in order to get the queuing number, which means everyone has to look at her unhappy and impatient face.

My sister and I nearly lodged a complaint about her attitude but we decided to save our time instead. Maybe she is having PMS or something. However, after a long wait, the lady just ‘disappeared’. Luckily the male officer next to her was kind enough to take over her job to help me to open account.

Well, other than that plus size lady, the male officer and the payment counter cashier are nice. If you ask me whether I will visit that branch again, I have no idea. Maybe I would prefer to try out other branches before going back to see that plus size lady again.

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