Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sushi King in Miri

Salmon sushi roll

Deep-fried beef roll

Egg mayo with shredded crabsticks 

Teriyaki beef rice.

Japanese tofu

Cold soba (vegetarian friendly)

Mixed vegetable tempura (vegetarian friendly)

Deep-fried potato with coke (vegetarian friendly)

Cheesy sushi roll

Teriyaki beef sushi

Salad (lettuce, corn, carrot, egg, onion + lemon +special salad sauce)

Teriyaki Beef Tofu

Love this. It's juicy and yummy. Careful with the heat though.

Teriyaki Beef Rice Burger (reminds me of the rice burgers at Mos Burger in Singapore)

Do you feel hungry after looking at these pictures I have posted up? I do, sometimes. 
Well, no high expectation please. 
If you want to enjoy more varieties, better quality sushi and fresher Sashimi, please visit the one in Brunei. 
If you are craving for Japanese food but want something affordable and can fill up your tummy, try Sushi King then. The only Sushi King branch is at Bintang Mall (New wing), opposite Pizza Hut. 
During weekday, the 20% promotion hour is from 2pm to 6pm. Cheers!

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