Monday, October 24, 2011

Silver Spoon Cafe Restaurant, Miri

Thai Beef Salad. How does it taste?
The beef is overcooked. Very hard to chew.
The Thai sauce they used is those we can buy from the supermarket (sweet and sour Thai chili sauce).  The serving is consider quite a big portion for one person though. 
Have you been to Silver Spoon Café Restaurant at Lot 1160, Jalan Sri Dagang Miri, Sarawak? It is next to Dr.Teo clinic at waterfront area. This sister restaurant of Citrus is newly opened and once the boss told me about this place when I was having my lunch at Citrus (one of my favorite restaurant in Miri), I went to try out the next day to show my support. I felt very excited about this new restaurant as there are not many air-conditioned restaurant + nice food + cozy atmosphere in Miri. 

I went there alone, just to try out this new place before I bring my family there. The design of this restaurant is quite nice, simple and comfortable. They put up many big rounded, white lanterns on the ceiling to beautiful the area. (so that they needn't renovate that much by installing the ceiling board. Smart!) ^^

The waitress is very friendly and nice. When she found out that I was a bit lost in their big page of menu, she came to recommend me the dish before I placed any order. 

Too bad this place is not halal and not that vegetarian friendly too. I wish the boss can improve their choices of food and also their dishes else I wouldn't be able to go often with my family & friends. 

For the time being, I still prefer Citrus compare to Silver Spoon. I wish both restaurants can do well so that Mirians or those who have 'migrated' to Miri have more places to enjoy! ^^ 

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