Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 Points Restaurant 三喜楼, Miri

Have you been to the new restaurant - 3 Points in Miri?

This is how the restaurant looks like in the evening.
A traditional China building design with 2 stoned lions & a nice curving wooden bridge.
It has spacious parking area in front of this restaurant too. 

The restaurant is cozy, well-lit, cooling and comfy.

If you are a vegetarian, you can do special order by telling the chef that you want dishes without meat, seafood, egg/onion/garlic/chives and oyster sauce etc.
And this mixed vegetable dish definitely passed the test.
It has broccoli, cauliflower, cashew nuts, mushroom, jew's ear, baby corn and carrot. Yummy!

Another vegetarian dish~ Cold bidin/midin
(a type of fern, an authentic wild vegetable grow in Sarawak) 

Seaweed bean curd soup (100% vegetarian friendly)

There are 2 types of bean curd available ~ Homemade (with egg) and local bean curd (without egg). Please remember to inform the chef your preference when you order any bean curd dish.
Personally, I like this dish the most. The mushroom is juicy, the green is crunchy and the bean curd is yummy. Feel like eating them again. 

Ok. Non-vegetarian dishes starts here.
A cold dish (jellyfish) which we never miss in a Chinese restaurant. 

Try this tom yam seafood soup. Only RM5 per bowl.
It's a big portion for 1 person though.
It comes with candle heating/boiling underneath all the time.
Never worry your soup will turn cold,
 even if you decided to enjoy it after you have finished your dinner. 

For prawn lovers!

Steamed Cod Fish. Very fresh and nice one. 

My family and I feel lucky to be invited by my best friend's sister, who is working as a managing personnel in this restaurant. We haven't seen each other for a very long time. I feel so happy to see her. The whole night was so wonderful, partly due to this dear friend of mine. We have unlimited topics to chat. Too bad she has gone back to Kuching on the next day, else I would love to ask her out often in Miri.

We would like to thank her for giving us such a nice treat in this restaurant! ^^

Some brief introduction about this restaurant:
The 3 Points Restaurant in Miri is one of the ten restaurants operated by Triple Chain Sendirian Berhad in Sarawak. It is the second branch in Miri. The first one is called After 3 Restaurant at High Street Road. 

If you are thinking to have a birthday celebration, fun party, family gathering or even wedding reception there at 3 Points Restaurant, you can call them up for special arrangement. 

In case you have no idea where is this new eating area located:
3 Points Restaurant 
(Backlane at Rustica Furniture) 
Lot 1359, Block 9. MCLD, 
Jalan Bendahara 98000 Miri, Sarawak. 
Tel: 6 085 - 424414.

Operating Hours: 
11am to 2pm
 530pm to 10pm 
(Monday to Sunday)

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