Thursday, October 27, 2011

Four Point Hotel, by Sheraton (Kuching)

There is a Four Point Hotel, managed by Sheraton in Kuching. It is located right next to the BDC gyratory interchange at the junction of the road leading from the city to the Kuching International Airport, which is just two kilometres away. During our Feb visit, we stayed there for 4 days 3 nights. This is our 2nd visit in this hotel and we like the service and friendly staff there.

However, our hotel room has problem with the air-conditioning for 1 whole day during our stay. The room was 27.5C. It was raining outside but the room was hotter than outdoor. In the end, we had to get out from the room as I felt difficulties in breathing. We had make complained for several times, but no technician came to our room  as promised and we couldn't change our room too. We were told that the whole floors were affected, so no point to change room. Staying in the room is more like torturing than enjoying.

We have stayed in many hotels every year. Surprisingly, this so-called managed by Sheraton hotel is a bit 'different'. They do provide us a baby cot when we asked for it but it's merely baby cot. Unlike other hotels which provide a complete comfortable baby cot with pillow, blanket, protector. This hotel provides nothing but only baby cot, of course with the mattress. When we asked for a blanket, they said, the hotel only have King's size or Queen's Size bed blanket/comforter. Wanna safocate my girl?! the end, we just asked for extra big towels for her.

The breakfast buffet is quite ok. The bed is ok. The tv channels....emmm...basically is from Astro so when there was heavy rain, sorry, all channels were not available. As for broadband, you have to pay for it. We didn't go to their swimming pool (very awkward design where the guests who want to swim has to walk through the restaurant) and gym facilities. As for the basement carpark, it's quite ok. Not many cars so can park near to the entrance. For hotel guest, the carpark is free of charge though.

Four Points had won Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards' 2010 to 1012.
It's still year 2011 and yet the award can be given for future performance. Amazing!
How I wish this type of award is given through the mystery shoppers comment and checklist every year.
I just can't believe it is the BEST Four Star Hotel Resort in Malaysia.
If this is the best, I can't imagine the condition of other 4 stars hotels in Malaysia then. Sigh.

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