Monday, October 18, 2010

Skin79 Hot Pink BB (Genuine vs Fake)

"Are your skincare/cosmetic product authentic?" 

This is the common question I get when I offer promotion price for my products. 

Well, there are fake Skin79 BB cream that is being distributed now in Taiwan at a very very low price in the market. It is being manufactured in China. Many customers had bought the fake one without knowing till they got another real one. So I do understand their fear and doubt before buying.

Again, I would like to ensure you that all of our products are 100% genuine as they are directly imported from Korea.  Feel secure to be our customers! ^^

Today, I had spent some time to do some comparison for the genuine & fake BB cream. Hopefully the below methods can assist you to differenciate the genuine & fake Skin79 BB you are having or going to buy in future. 

Behind the bottle => Fake: printed with website, Genuine: no website

Genuine VS Fake BB Cream (Probehead diameter)

BOX => Fake: printed with website, Genuine: no website

Original BB cream has Expiry Date on the bottom of the box.

Box => Fake: Chinese & English instruction; Genuine: Korean & English instruction.

Bottle => Fake: The brand name will fade easily; Genuine: Will not fade easily.

Genuine vs Fake BB cream. Quality of the BB cream is obviously lousy for the fake one.

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