Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Face Shop~Herb Day Cleansing Cream (Fruit Mix)

The Face Shop~Herb Day Cleansing Cream - Fruit Mix
水果清洁霜 卸妆 (150ml)

A light cleansing cream with a unique blend of vitamin rich fruit extracts (mango, cherry, kiwi fruit, orange etc) to tone and nourish skin.

Unique herb complex nourishes and revitalizes skin, while the gentle cream formula melts away surface grime and all traces of makeup to reveal a fresh, clean and radiant complexion.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially for those dull, rough looking skin.

Mild soft cleansing product line with herb complex as active ingredients.

This vitamin-rich mix of fruit extracts cleans and clarifies with a sweet scent to tone and nourish skin.

Very good as first step cleansing or makeup remover. Recommended to heavy makeup person as it cleanse easily without drying up your face. Just need to apply a small amount of the cream, you can feel your pores gets clean & comfortable.

How to use:
a) Normal first step cleansing:
Apply a small amount of cream and massage your face. Rinse off with luke warm water.

b) Makeup Remover
Wet your face and apply sufficient amount of the cleansing cream on your face. Use facial cotton to wipe off your makeup. Rinse your face follow by cleanser for 2nd step cleansing.


含有丰富的维生素的芒果,樱桃,猕猴桃,橘络等复合的而成,可以使皮肤透明清爽 .温和去除面部的污垢及彩妆.奶液状,在面部轻柔按摩即可带走各种污染.







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