Thursday, October 7, 2010

9th month immunisation

Today is the day for my princess's 9th month immunisation. First thing is to weigh her. Found out she has been maintaining her weight (8.5kg) for 2 months already. It is either we didn't feed her enough or she exercise too much?! Look at her hair. Finally she has more hair now. For your information, we never cut her hair. However, her hair just happen to have it's own stylish look. Funny! ^^

"What milk does she take? Can she crawl? Has she started babbling? Can she grab things?" etc. Questions to make sure my princess is growing normally. And at the same time, my princess was busy playing her daddy's name tag and observing the surrounding.

Time to inject when my princess was concentrating on her daddy's name tag.


"What is happening? Why did you poke me? boohoo..."
"Why? Why me? I didn't do anything to you....boohooo...."

I am not sure about you. However, everytime when I looked through all these photos, I do feel heartache to see how she cried due to the pain. :P


  1. i will cry wif her aso....haha

  2. Today she has to go for another jab. 10th month immunisation. Poor thing!


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