Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mr.Ho's Fine Dining Food Restaurant, Miri

Caesar salad with add-on roasted chicken.
Hmm...I think it tastes better without the add-on. 

Creamy mussels with bread. This is very yummy!

This Lamb chop has better quality of mutton compare to Siamese Secret Restaurant.
However, it has too much fat. :(
The vegetable is too little for me also.
I still prefer Siamese Secret's lamb chop. More worthy. 
If you would like to try out the food at Mr.Ho's Fine Dining Food Restaurant:
Lot 661 (A), Block 7, MCLD, 
Pelita Commercial Center, 
Miri-Pujut Road 
Contact no: 6 085 - 413933


  1. Mr.Ho 'fine' food-Miri
    bad service by the waiter/waitress
    bad taste of food
    especially spagetti

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