Monday, November 19, 2012

Robot Toy (Gustogale)

My sister-in-law gave my girl this new robot toy to explore. It was kept in the toy box for several months as I didn't know when is the suitable time for her to play it.

My girl took this toy out and requested to open several times when she was digging her toy box for the past few months. I told her to wait and wait as I am not good in fixing robot. Hoping to wait for her father who might be 'better' in such robotic toy.

Today she took the toy and asked me to open it again. Her persistence is something I felt that I shouldn't turn down. So I have granted her wish.

To my surprise, she loves this robot! It's not that difficult to fix at all. There's a key where all parts will get dismantle once you insert in the key hole and turn clockwise.

A toy which I will not buy but surprisingly she prefers this robot to Mr.Potato Man which I bought the other day. T.T

I wonder how long will she love this robot.

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