Friday, November 23, 2012

Muara Restoran, Miri

First time trying the Lalapan Tenggiri (RM11) in this restaurant at the riverside. Heard that this Muara Restoran is famous. Looks yummy huh!

Is this consider a king's breakfast?! ^^

This is my 2nd time eating this Indonesian meal. Have to say that I prefer my first experience near Boulevard Shopping Mall.

Well, if you like spicy sambal, maybe you can try here. They do give generous amount of spicy sambal. The thick slices of cucumber and sweet milky teh Tarik helps to relief the numbness of the tongue.

Disappointed with the vegetable. Taste lousy. Under cook and tasteless. Like chewing raw leaves. I love vegetable but definitely not this type. Luckily there are cucumber, long beans and cabbage. (1st experience with lalapan was nice fish but lousy vegetable too. That was under cook long beans and cabbage. I wonder why both places are not good in boiling the vegetable. Or they all love raw leaves and long beans?! Or they are only for decoration?!)

The sambal is spicy and yet tempting. I ate lots of rice due to this sambal. Hmm...maybe I can understand the tasteless vegetable now but not under cook style.

Will I come back again? Hmm....not so keen for the same dish. There are other choices in the menu, maybe I will give them a try next time.

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