Thursday, November 15, 2012

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

During the Malaysia's Independence Day this year, I have a gift from the local politician when I was driving near the Boulevard Shopping Mall in Miri.

A group of people giving out flags for the drivers who tried to pass a lane. The queue was long and have no way to escape.

However, I do like the gift -2 Malaysia flags. One big, one small.

The big one can be used to hang in front of my house and the little flag with handle can be used for my little car. Anyway, I didn't fully utilize them as such but I did let my princess and "little monster friends" in my car to have a jolly time with the flags.

I have grabbed the opportunity to teach my girl about the features of our National flag when I picked her up from the school. Now she knows what are the colors of our flag, total stripes, how many red and white stripes and points of the yellow star. At least before this, she only knows how to recognize the Malaysia and Sarawak flags.

Well, I think the fun part for her is shouting "Merdeka!" x3 times while holding the little flag in her hand. Lol.

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