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Signs is a 2002 American science fiction thriller film directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It was adapted from a screenplay also written by Shyamalan. Executive producers for the film comprised, Shyamalan, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, and Sam Mercer. 

The story focuses on a former priest named Graham Hess, who discovers a series of crop circles in his cornfield. Hess slowly becomes convinced that the phenomena is a result of extraterrestrial life. Veteran actors Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, and Abigail Breslin star in principal roles. Signs explores faith, kinship and extraterrestrial life.


Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) is a former priest. His wife Colleen (Patricia Kalember), was killed in a traffic accident caused by Ray Reddy. The accident left Graham embittered and caused him to lose his faith in God, causing him to quit the priesthood. Graham's younger brother Merrill, a former baseball player, helps run the family farm and care for Graham's kids, Morgan, and Bo. Bo has a habit of leaving dozens of glasses of water around the house because it "tastes funny" to her.

Things are uneventful until a mysterious crop circle is found in his cornfield. Graham thinks it's a hoax, while Morgan and Bo thinks it was made by aliens. One night, Bo wakes Graham up and tells him there's a monster outside her room. Sleepily, Graham tucks her back into bed, but when he looks out Bo's window he sees a black silhouette standing on the roof of the barn. Alarmed, he and Merrill try to scare away the figure, believing it's Lionel Pritchard, a known prankster. The brothers run screaming around the house. Both see the shadow of the running figure, but it's too fast.
The next day, Sheriff Caroline Paski stops by to investigate the incident. She admits that unless Graham has a clear description of the perpetrator, she can't help him in finding the culprit. That evening, Graham goes outside to feed the dog and hears a clicking sound out in the cornfield. After entering the cornfield, Graham spots a thin green leg sticking out among the cornrows, and he runs back to the house in fear. The family later watches television coverage of crop circles appearing all around the world.
Later Graham tells Merrill how he lost his faith in God. He dismisses Merrill's belief that they won't be harmed as reliance on signs and miracles, all evidence of some higher power. The following morning, Graham receives a phone call from Ray Reddy, the man who killed his wife, and goes over to his office to meet with him. Meanwhile, Merrill watches the television which shows amateur footage depicting an alien walking by a child's birthday party in Brazil. Graham finds Ray outside his office, sitting in his car with blood stains on his shirt. Before driving off, Ray apologizes for the accident that occurred with Graham's wife and tells him that he has trapped one of the aliens in his home. Investigating, Graham uses a kitchen knife to see reflection of the alien under a pantry door. Suddenly, a green clawed hand reaches out causing Graham to slash off some of its fingers in self defense.
Back in his home, Graham boards up the windows and doors, moving the family into the basement to hide and barricade themselves. The aliens are heard moving around upstairs and even try to get into the basement. One of the aliens comes in through a coal shaft and grabs Morgan, causing him to have an asthma attack. Although the creature is repelled, Graham realizes that he has left Morgan's inhaler upstairs and Morgan slowly passes out. 
The next morning, they hear on the radio that a way to fight the aliens has been discovered and they are retreating. Graham and his family head back upstairs but are ambushed by an alien who takes the comatose Morgan hostage. Graham notices two of its fingers are missing, making it the alien from Reddy's pantry. Graham tells Merrill to grab his baseball bat and attack the alien. However, the alien sprays a gas into Morgan's face. Merrill swings his bat at the alien, knocking it down and causing one of Bo's water glasses to splash on it, which acts like acid on the alien's skin. Merrill starts smashing all of the glasses, soaking the alien and killing it.
Morgan soon recovers having been saved from the alien's gas when his throat closed during another asthma attack. A grateful Graham comes to believe that many of the seemingly random and tragic events of his life were in fact designed to save Morgan and his family in this moment. In the future, with his religious faith restored, Graham is seen getting dressed in his clerical garb and go back to church.  (copied from Wikipedia)

Some of the crop circles samples.

This movie reminds me of the crop circles that happen all around the world. Until now we still cannot find out the cause of the crop circles. Who did all this? It's kind of freaky, doesn't it? 
Today your crop is still 'normal', next day when you woke up in the morning, there is a crop circle in front of you. It just happened over 1 night. Who has such time, energy or I should say super power to do such thing on earth?
However, some people thinks that crop circles are done by aliens who are trying to communicate with us (human on the earth). It is like giving us signs, warn us from things that might happen to us. Do you believe in this? 

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