Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free shows for PE teacher

These days, newspapers have news about school girls being molested by their own male teacher. I am not sure all these cases just increased in recent years or many victims chose to keep quiet for all the past decade?

I remember when I was 13 years old, we had a weird PE teacher at SMK Kuching Town (I believe those who studied there will know who is that weird teacher). He warned us not to wear short leggings during PE as such clothing is 'bad' for girls during exercise. So we were forced to wear those 'loose' shorts else he will punish us by running 400meter during the PE session.

This type of short legging is bad for health? 

Only this type of shorts is suitable for sports?

All the girls will line up at the front line whereas the boys will be behind. Before we started any sports, this teacher will make us sit down on the ground to do some warm-up exercises. The warm-up exercises were always legs stretching. Yes. He make everyone of us open our legs to stretch and he will be sitting in front of us 'watching'. Any female who wore tights 'secretly' under the loose pants will get caught. That time my friends and I were wondering, if he didn't see what is underneath our shorts, how did he know so well?

Tights under our shorts are not allowed too. 
In order to 'pass' his test', he has to make sure underneath our loose shorts are panties. If we happened to use our hands to cover the side of the shorts, prevent being seen, he will make us change position or scolded us for not being concentrate.

We knew something was wrong about this teacher but we dare not tell our parents because he is our teacher. Luckily he didn't molest us but just enjoyed free show for so many years. (There were only 2 PE teachers for the entire school, my goodness.) I am glad that I only studied in that school for 1 year. Now when I recalled back, I realized that there were many victims who chose to keep quiet (never tell our parents) for all these years, that includes me.

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