Saturday, April 30, 2011

The moment on the plane (Miri to KK)

I am drinking juice from this plastic cup in the plane.

Oopps. Finished.

Using my lips to feel the cup. 

Eeeiii. What is that? 

Let me taste it.

Yucks! Salted peanut packaging, with pointed ends too. 

I still prefer this plastic cup. 

The tip of the cup is rounded, a bit sharp too. 

Trying to chew it off.

It is transparent!

Mum, why are you laughing?

This is a cup. Plastic cup. Cup. Cup. Cup.

Look, I can use one hand to hold the cup and drink.  ^^

p/s: We bring our girl to travel for minimum once a month. She is a frequent flyer like her parents. These are the pictures taken when we were on our way to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In order to keep her busy, we let her explored many things. We are glad that this plastic cup can kept her occupied for a long time. However, she managed to crush the whole cup before the plane landed. (WARNING, broken plastic cup is very sharp and dangerous for children to play with.) So she did make a big fuss after we took away the broken cup. 
In the end, we have to use our secret weapon ~ iPod Touch. iPod Touch is always our last secret weapon to keep her happy & quiet. So far never fail since she was an infant. ^^ 

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