Friday, November 19, 2010

Spa Village, Miri

I love to go for massage. Even when I was not suppose to go for any treatment when I was still pregnant.

During pregnancy, the body ache badly. So I went did some research online, called up and asked many saloons but only 2 places in Miri allowed me to have the basic Balinese massage (others afraid they will cause miscarriage). One of them is Spa Village at Pelita Commercial Centre, the other one is Tjantek at Piasau.

I didn't really enjoy my 'pregnancy' massages at these 2 places. So I decided to go again yesterday at Spa Village (baby is 10 months old). This time, I chose the package for Body scrub + Balinese Massage + Sauna for RM150 at Spa Village.

First of all, the welcome free foot wash is quite nice. I just sat down at the nice sofa and let the lady wash my feet with the soap and immersed into the warm water. She dried up my feet gently by putting my feet on her lap and wiped them with a piece of clean towel.

Next, I was brought into the room to change my clothes. The basket on the 'bed' is for putting my handbag and clothes which will later be placed under the bed.

The Balinese massage is not as good as the one I had at Hyatt Hotel, Bali for sure. Quite disappointing. It is as lousy as the one I had during pregnancy.

After the massage, my whole body was covered by the Luruh scrub for 5 minutes before it was wiped off with a damp towel. Didn't really enjoy the process at all. Especially the masseuse kept going in and out from the room and the noise of the sliding wooden door was loud and annoying.

They don't have a sauna room but this type of sauna compartment. I had my sauna session for about 15 minutes. Sitting on the wooden stool inside was like being tortured. The masseuse left me there and I felt like being cooked & steamed slowly. The heat caused me sweat a lot like any sauna but the steam which came from underneath the stool was burning my feet.

The sauna compartment covered my whole body, except my head. There were no way out, except the zips around my head. So I just unzip them from time to time when I felt that the heat was too much. I started to feel dizzy after 10 minutes. I unzipped the whole thing before 15 minutes after I felt that my skin was like being burned. I was unable to step out from the compartment as my dizziness became worse.

I waited for the masseuse to come back and asked her to assist me to get up. I drank the whole glass of water and yet still felt terrible. I think I might had lost too much water in that sauna session.

Then she led me to the other room to take shower in this bathtub. The body shower cream was lousy, couldn't wash off the oil from my skin.

Anyway, when I saw myself in the mirror, I found out my face looked very very 'fair'. Fairer than my body. I went for body scrub which was supposed to whiten my skin but seems like my face which didn't go for facial became 'whiter' after the whole session. Ya. I was so weak and pale after the treatment package. The masseuse didn't offer help though I kept telling her I felt dizzy. So in the end, I just forced myself to walk slowly back into my car (the spa is at 2nd floor). Rested there for at least 20 minutes before I could drive back home.

It was a terrible experience. I will never go back again.


  1. Hi, im googling for spa packages in Miri but only managed to find Miri Marriot & Tjantek in the web. Quite disappointing. What about your experience at Tjantek?Thanks for sharing...


  2. Tjantek is a better place compare to Spa Village. :)

  3. Thanks so much for your fast reply :)I hope to read a detailed experience like the one you have at Spa Village above at Tjantek...I found the Tjantek Spa website but it was not updated & was not that much help...



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