Friday, November 12, 2010

Malaysia Airline (MAS) needs diaper

Why is there a 'diaper' hanging/sticking out there?

Yes. This is the picture I took in the MAS airplane.

During our flight back to Miri from Kuala Lumpur, the overhead compartment leaks. The brown color water kept dripping on my hubby's lap. At first, we thought someone's hand luggage had spilled out some liquid but the air-steward couldn't find anything. He tried to use the tissue papers to stick but it didn't help. Then he came back with a towel and used the tape to stick it. The towel got soak and heavy, didn't stick well, couldn't hold for long and dropped twice (one on the front seat passenger's head, another time on my hubby's lap).

We felt very uncomfortable for the leaking but we couldn't do much. In the end, the air-steward 'offered' us to move to the seat behind without bringing our luggages because all the overhead compartments were full. We didn't take the 'offer' because we had too many things with us, including our princess nursery bag etc. (we were at the 8th row, and he wanted us to move to the 27th row). I think they could do better by offering us to upgrade to business class for their discomfort flight situation as we paid for the air-ticket but didn't have a pleasant flight due to their 'technical' problem. (the business class seats were empty)

Anyway, luckily the dripping stopped after an hour plus. Our princess was cranky because she was 'restricted' in certain position to avoid her getting wet by the dripping.

Disappointing service after the rotten food......

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