Friday, November 12, 2010

Malaysia Airline (MAS) ~Rotten Food

I love to travel using Malaysia Airline (MAS). However, I felt quite disappointed with the catering, plane and the service provided in this trip.

Well, on my way to Kuala Lumpur, the stewardess served me a nice set meal as usual. The beef rice was wonderful till I ate the rotten honeydew. I really puked as the honeydew was so smelly, sour and awful. I couldn't believe what I had eaten. From far, my hubby can smell the 'garbage' smell from my fruit platter and it was really disgusting.

I did tell the air stewardess, and she told me she will make a report to the superior after she had smelled the fruit. Then I asked for one cup of tea to wash off the lousy taste in my mouth and she was too busy and actually forgotten about it. She came back to me after I pressed the 'service' button twice.

The air-stewardess didn't react much nor apologize for such matter, which is quite disappointing.No further action taken.

Anyway, this disgusting experience makes me feel lousy till now. I refused to take any fruits in the hotel (honeydew & watermelon) throughout my whole journey. Phobia.

My brother encouraged me to talk to the person in charge at the MAS office for the problem I encountered but in the end I gave up due to limited time. Should have sued the MAS catering people?

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