Thursday, May 9, 2013

Surprised in Meritz Hotel, Miri

Yesterday (17th Jan) was my birthday and my hubby gave me a surprised lunch at M Signature restaurant, Meritz Hotel.
This is our first time trying the food there.  Before that we had already being 'warned' by many friends who had been there. All of them have bad comments, such as lousy food and expensive prices.
Well, there are not many choices of fine dining restaurants in Miri so we decided to give it a try. The meals turned up to be wonderful! (I believe they have changed their chef and improved after getting too many complaints? !)
I ordered surf and turf (beef steak + cod fish with mashed potatoes and green salad) whereas my hubby who is a vegetarian had a special set meal prepared by the chef off the menu - gnocchi and fresh salad.

Surf & Turf

The beef steak taste nice and tender with the mushroom sauce. The cod fish is fresh and scrumptious too. My hubby loves his gnocchi pasta. It's quite rich with the sauce which I believe is the mixture of butter and milk. (Good for him as he needs to gain some weight.) ^^
The captain and the waitresses are very friendly and helpful. They are polite and always give us warm and sweet smile. I was given a glass of fresh orange juice by the captain too. Haha! It was my Big Day. Lol.

When I was finishing my main course, out of a sudden I heard there were some people singing birthday song from far. And the sound was coming towards me. To my surprised, it was my hubby's arrangement with the staff.  My cheek felt like burning when the staff left. 

The cheesecake looks yummy but I was too full to try it.
For the whole lunch session, we were the only customers there. I bet they are still having trouble gaining back some confidence from customers though they had improved?! I am sure they deserve a second chance if you had bad experience there before when they just opened for business. ^^
Sitting at the revolving seats was a bit dizzy for me at the beginning when I was reading the menu. It was a bit jerky at certain places too. I have to admit that the revolving thing is not as good as the one in KL. The captain told us that it's due to the wheels of the motor but it can't be fixed. Hmmm...
Well, I had a great meal and experience there. If you haven't tried, give yourself and this new fine dining place a chance!

p/s: I had brought my dad to visit the restaurant again when he visited us in Miri. We were the only customers during lunch hour and the food turned out to be lousy. I was quite disappointed. Maybe we have to make a reservation before going so that the 'real chef' can be there when we arrive. Lol.

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