Friday, July 13, 2012

Nestlé Low Fat Milk

How many types of fresh milk have you tried before? Well, I believe there are many brands of fresh milk in the market you can think of. Do you notice that some of them have to be kept in the fridge (normally expired within 1-2 weeks time) while some can be kept in the normal shelves (can keep for 1-2 years time) in the supermarket?

Some people told me that when we drink fresh milk, we have to make sure it's really 'fresh' without preservative. So it's better to choose those in the fridge. I thought the same too till I got pregnant.

Due to hormone changes, my taste bud has changed totally during my pregnancy. Whatever is sweet had turned to extremely bitter; Sour became sweet; Bitter became normal; Spicy remained spicy.

That was a torturing changed for me. And till then, I just realized that many food and beverage we are eating everyday contains sugar,  including fresh milk!!

We are always been told that it's important to drink enough milk during pregnancy so that our baby can be healthy, strong and smart, oh, fair too! So I learn to make it as a daily habit but before I can make it as a routine, I have problem getting a non-sugar fresh milk for a while. I had tasted all the fresh milk in the supermarket till I found this Nestle Low Fat Milk (which is always selling at the shelves). I was like thank goodness, finally I have found you!!

Well, my girl is now 31 months already. My hubby and I still continue to consume this fresh milk everyday. I have to say that, I'm glad that I had such hormone changes during pregnancy which helps me to find out the "true color" of the food and drinks that we have daily.

So, if you are having the same problem like me, try out this fresh milk. It taste good! ^^

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