Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korean Instant Noodle

Have you tried any authentic Korean Instant Noodle?
Some of the noodle ingredients are purely potato. Very chewy & yummy~ 

These are the 9 packets of instant noodle I have imported from Korea. I can't stand those noodles selling in the Miri supermarket, written Korean instant noodle but all made in China. Pathetic!
I heard that there are many choices in KL too. Well, I am going there to purchase more soon. It's ok to pay higher as postage from Korea to Malaysia is not that cheap too.

"Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight?" hubby asked. 
"Lose weight of course!" I answered.
"One packet of noodle per day to replace my 3 main deals then. Haha!" I added.
Well, glad that my hubby loves them too so that I can share half of my packet with him to minus some sinful feeling while eating it. 
Instant noodle is definitely fattening.
Happy to be fat!
Yes. You must have such spirit if you want to eat them happily without guilt! 

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