Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun Bid

Welcome to our FUN BID game. One exclusive item will be put on offer with free postage within Malaysia. This is a token of appreciation to all my customers who have been supporting me ever since I started this business. Before you start playing this bidding game, kindly read through the terms & condition. Thank you & enjoy! 

Terms & Conditions:
1. This bidding game is open for all my blog's followers/members. Please signup as a follower of my blog ( before you start bidding. Membership is totally FREE.

2. The bidding item is authentic, ready-stock and applicable for 1 unit only. The bidding will start at a special rock-bottom price, which is definitely much cheaper than the retail price.

3. All bidders can bid any amount starting from the net value price. For example, if the item is RM5, the bidder just type the amount he/she bids ~ RM5.10~ by using the the blog's follower account at the comment box. Minimum increase in the bid is 10 cents. The following bidder must bid another amount higher than the first bidder. There is no limit to the number of bids. The bidder who bids the highest when the time is up will win the game, and the item!

4. The bidding game will last for 7 days, ending at the time specified (Malaysian time; GMT + 8h).

5. The winner has to email to me ( the full name, postal address and mobile number so that the item can be sent. If the winner failed to make payment within 3 days, the 2nd highest bidder will be entitled to buy this item at his/her offered rate, and so on. 

6. Postage will be FREE for all addresses in Malaysia. For other countries, the winner has to pay for the postage according to the Pos Malaysia Registered Post rate.

7. That's it! Start joining the fun today! ^^

Fun Bid No:1

Market Price: RM80
Bidding value starts at RM5

Bobbi Brown~ SPF15 Lip Shine Rouge Brillance
Made in Belgium

Lightweight, soft shine lipstick that doubles as a rejuvenating moisture treatment.

It instantly comforts dry, chapped lips and provides long-term moisturization with natural Cocoa and Shea Butters, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Avocado oils. Peptides, along with Vitamin C, stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while SPF15 helps prevent future sun damage.

Bidding game starts on 13 Sept, 2011, 9 am. 
Bidding game ends on 19 Sept, 2011, 8.59am


  1. Thanks for bidding. However, please sign up as a member (blog's follower) before you bid for the item. We don't accept Anonymous's bid. Thanks!

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  3. The winner of this bidding game is Alicia! The highest bid is RM12.80. Congratulations!

    Alicia, please send me ur name, postal address and handphone no. We will proceed from there. Thanks! ^^

  4. Kindly email to


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