Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skin79~Smart Clear Moisture Cleansing Foam

Skin79 ~ Smart Clear Moisture Cleansing Foam (100ml)

For dry to combination skin.

Soft and creamy foam gently wraps around the skin to sleekly cleanse away all makeup residues while also helping to maintain skin's moisture oil balance for skin that is shiny and moist. 

Berrcyanin, made with berry ingredients such as Elderberry, Aroniaberry, and Acaiberry controls the balance of skin prone to having that balance broken while also protecting the skin from the harmful environment for healthy, lively skin. 

Pumpkin Enzyme evens out roughened skin to help maintain clear skin while the patented ingredient Levan Extract helps form a protective barrier so that the skin is left soft without tightness after cleansing.

Retail: RM85
Member: RM75

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