Monday, August 1, 2011

Skin79~The Oriental Total Skin Solution Plus

Skin79 ~ The Oriental Total Skin Solution Plus (120ml)

The Oriental Total Skin Solution Plus = Toner + Emulsion + Essence at one time

This is a product of fluid type having function of toner, emulsion and essence at once with convenience.

It protects your skin from the loss of moisture by moisturizing skin. And this upgraded version has the whitening effect too.

Supplying sufficient moisture for your dry skin.This product is an enriched essential fluid increasing absorbing force of skin for a product at the next stage.

Phyto-Calciferol controls the differentiation and proliferation of cells forming keratin and keep your skin moisturized for a long time, without tightness by extracting Vitamin D3 and similar materials.

Niacinamide and Actiwhite prevent melanin pigments from being deposit in the skin to improve skin from the inside for lucid, bright skin tone while Camellia and Primrose Extracts help maintain moist, healthy skin by controlling skin's moisture-oil balance.

The product is an All-in-one type with a multiple function of toner + emulsion + essence without stickiness and tightness of your skin for its brand-new technique.

Item description :
- Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
- All in 1 function – Toner + Emulsion +Essence
- Moisturize & Smoothen skin
- Whitening & brightening
- Control skin's moisture-oil balance
- helps in firming,hydrating & tightening skin
- Helps in healing scar
- Non stickiness and tightness of your skin.

Direction of Use :
-Put appropriate amount all over your face and make it absorbed to the skin by tapping it gentle after cleanser. No rinsing required.

Retail: RM120
My Price: RM89

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