Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walking at the beach

We brought our 18-month-old girl to Luak Bay beach, Miri on last Saturday. She loves the nature and really fascinated with everything she sees: the sand, the waves, the people and the rubbish too. 

Good for her to venture and run around--encourage her to use up her restless energy bar so that it is easier for her to sleep at night. 

She has no fear in venturing here and there without worrying whether we are behind her or not. My hubby and maid were busy following and taking care of her whereas I was busy taking her photo throughout the session. (holding camera is less tiring, can zoom here and there without running much. Hahaha!)

One of the reason I love Miri is because of the beach. It is quite near from our house and we feel safe to visit there. If you like to have more quality family life, you are welcome to 'migrate' to Miri, Sarawak!

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