Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ligo ~ Original & Fake

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the fake Ligo Whole Kernel Corn which have been flooded in Malaysia market? We have been consuming the fake Ligo Whole Kernel Corn for min 1 year or more without noticing. Few days ago, I went to Boulevard Hypermarket and found out that they are actually selling both original and fake Ligo Whole Kernel corn at the same price. Well, I believe they are trying to sell off the fake one as they still have some old stocks. If you want to find out more about how to differentiate the original and fake Ligo corn, check the photos out!

From the first picture above, you can see the difference of the color. The left side is original can, the right side is the fake can.

If you read the address closely, you will find out that the fake one trying to imitate the original address and slightly make some amendment by simplify it. The fake one has lighter green color compare to the original can too.

If you check on the detail of the cans at this angle, the fonts, colors they used are very different. The fake can has darker yellow background for the Nutrition Facts. And the word for 'approx' has a funny 'pp' if you observe carefully. The Liberty Gold Fruit Co. with the red background also looked different.
Sigh. I just wish that the fake corn which we had taken for all these months will not give us any health problem. The quality is bad for sure. I doubt the hypermarket management who had brought in the stocks have no idea about the fake can they have been selling for all these time. Is it because of the higher profit that blinded their conscience? Or they feel that public's health is not so important compare to their benefit? 
                    Go and check your Ligo Corn in your storage if you like to keep stock like me. I had
                    changed to local brand lately as I no longer trust this brand. It was my favorite brand though.

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  1. may i know what is the price now? for original one. thank you


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