Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pullman Hotel, Kuching

My princess knocked out in the car on the way to the hotel. So she was the first person who enjoyed the big bed.

Nice bathroom with a long bathtub which my princess loves splashing water during her bath time.

Another side of the bathroom. Too bad this hotel doesn't provide comb, toothbrush, shaver and toothpaste like other hotels.

A view from our window.

Another side of town view from our room.

The breakfast buffet is quite nice. However, this hotel is in Kuching so I only had one breakfast session there as I preferred to eat my breakfast at the local food stalls elsewhere.

As for service, I have to mention that they have 'weird' or so called 'strict' in their housekeeping management. Such as you have to 'sign' a 'loan document' if you asked for an extra towel. @.@

The room doesn't provide iron board and iron but yoga mat and 2 dumb bells. Surprisingly. Seems like they are more 'health conscious' than being practical! After using the iron and iron board, we were asked to put them outside of the room and called them up to collect. Hmm...seems like they don't have enough iron in the hotel?

The quality of the bed sheet, pillow cases, pillows and comforter are not as good as other 5 stars hotel. Conclusion, I don't feel like staying there again.

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