Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Birthday

Time flies. My princess is now 4-year-old. Sometimes I just couldn't believe that my baby girl is no longer an infant but a cute, active girl. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart! 
This year, we have the 1st birthday celebration for my princess in Kuching. My hubby and I planned to throw her a birthday party but my princess told me that she preferred to have it only with us. I was quite surprised on her decision as I thought kids always prefer to have big party with many other kids. Seems like I was wrong. In the end, we brought her to my parents' place to have some fun with her grandma.

As for the cake, I have failed to order a 3D Thomas and Friends birthday cake for her as it needs minimum 1-month pre-order from most of the famous bakers here. In the end, I have solved the problem by ordering a moist chocolate cake from Secret Recipe and bought her favorite Thomas and Friends toys from the Toys'R'us to place on top of the cake as decor. I am glad she is very happy with it and couldn't stop playing with her toys after the cake cutting.

I realized that this solution is better than having the 3D cake which has too much coloring and those with fondant is not really tasty.

Last year, she had an Elmo birthday cake. This year, her favorite character has changed to Thomas the train. Hmm... I wonder what will be her next favorite character next year. So unpredictable. Haha!

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