Monday, November 4, 2013

Minions in Despicable Me

I believe if you have watched the famous animation - Despicable Me or Despicable Me 2, you will know the cute little yellow creatures named Minions!

Minion, actually means a follower devoted to serve his/her master/mistress relentlessly. Some sort like slaves?

Anyway, my 3-year-old princess has fallen in love with the Minions from the first day she watched this cartoon. I was surprised to see her reaction on this animation as she hardly go crazy for any other cartoon except Elmo and some muppets from Sesame Street.

The film focus on the Minions which are yellow henchmen who have existed since the beginning of time. Their existence as artificial beings and are made from a single strand of mutated DNA. The minions wear metal goggles accommodating to their number of eyes with black gloves. ( There are one or two eyes minions and each of them play a special characteristics in the film. ) They enjoy playing and take great care of Agnes, Edith and Margo as well as toilet paper.

Minions love bananas, potatoes and apples (or “papples”, as they call them). For them, anything related or to do with butts is extremely funny. They are quite loving and passionate when they are looking after the girls.

I love the way they laugh actually. It's good to see that they can easily get happy and contented, but sometimes they can be quite 'violent' too.  They will just punch or hit each other when they are frustrated.

 My daughter learned to pick up 'Minion language' phrases in the movies like:
“Ba-boy”means ”toy.”
“Bi-do” means ”I’m sorry.”
“Para tĂș” means roughly “for you.”
“La boda”means “marriage.”
“Hana, Dul, Sae” means “One, Two, Three”.

Can you speak Minion language too? ^^

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