Sunday, December 4, 2011

Free gifts from Enfagrow A+

Yesterday my family and I went to do our weekly shopping at Boulevard Shopping Mall. At the entrance of the grocery department, there was a booth promoting Enfagrow milk powder.

The promotion is buy 2 cans of milk powder and get 1 hand puppet for free (6 choices) or free 2 travelling pouches. We bought 10 cans and chose 4 puppets and 1 set of travelling pouches.

The hand puppets are: Cow, rooster, duck, lamb, elephant, owl. The cow was out of stock yesterday. I didn't choose owl because the fur can be easily pulled out which I think it's harmful for the kid. 

The bag organizers are quite nice. The box itself makes the packaging looks even better. I like the description behind the box. It makes the bag organizer more 'useful' than I can imagine.

We have received another 3 free school bags. Colourful and cute. Definitely suitable for pre-school children.

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