Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spoon trick (Lunch at old Servant, Kuching)

Hello, boys & girls. There are a few ways to eat with a spoon. This is a way to solve your teething problem, not a good eating habit though. 

 You can taste the texture of the spoon before you start digging in.

Feel the tip of the spoon and make sure the spoon is not 'sharp' or 'rough' to our mouth/lips.

This is not a proper way to eat but definitely is a great way to play with the spoon.

Don't drink like this unless you want to choke yourself.
(Dear children, this professional stunt shouldn't be tried at home.)

You can drink soup like this if you like the soup.

And taste the last drop of soup like that.

Lastly, you can train your teeth after the meal.

Turn the spoon like that by using your teeth, no hands are allow for this trick.

Mummy, I am good at it, right?
(Photos taken at "Servant" vegetarian shop at Jln Abell, Kuching. They had changed the owner + the name of the shop, but I can only remember the old unique name. Nice food though. )

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