Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clinic Cafe, Gurney Plaza, Penang

My hubby and I found a cute restaurant - Clinic Cafe at Gurney Plaza, Penang during our family trip. It is located one level above Toy'R'us shop.

The whole restaurant is designed like a hospital, with 'nurses', 'doctors', 'attendants' etc as the waiters/waitresses. The business was quite good. Customers are mostly youngsters as I believe not many 'old folks' can accept the concept. As the chairs are tailor-made like the hospital bed, some chairs are real wheel-chairs. Orders will be hanging next to the 'bedside', just like the health progress report. Haha!

Clinic Cafe sign.

Whole restaurant is in red & white colors. Look at the red cross curtain~cute!

Operating theatre lightings. Quite unique.
Beverage corner is called Surgery room.
Served by the waiters & waitresses who dress & act like medical officer & nurses. Feels like we are dining in the hospital. 
My hubby had carrot juice with milk & vegetarian pasta whereas I ordered vanilla milk shake & tom yam seafood rice. The food were quite nice with reasonable price. Notice the kidney plates, sterilizer vessel and unique 'glass'? Would you like to have your meal at Clinic Cafe too? 

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